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Announcing the conditions for registering new Exchangers - May-30-2019 09:57:02 AM
Considering the general and special circumstances of all interested in cooperating with us,
it was decided that applicants for cooperation as Special Representative should have the following conditions:

- No legal prohibition to operate in your own country
You do not have any statutory prohibitions on financial and business law in your country.
- Possessable financial strength for collateral as a reserve
You must have the possibility to create an independent investment account of at least 250000 NZD shares or equivalent
- Familiar with all sections of the website
As a user, you must have the experience of working with all sections of the company's current website
- The ability to manage resources and users on a large scale
You need to have teamwork experience, along with a large number of colleagues as a manager or management team
- Having accounts approved by online financial systems
You must have at least one verified account with Perfect Money system and have a safe wallet with Bitcoin and Ethereum.
- Providing a website to support users of the country
You should have the ability to set up a dynamic and active website to serve your users
- Availability in various communication ways
On your website, you should consider ways to connect with your customers, such as a call or SMS number, as well as an online response or contact form.

Applicants after studying the above conditions, can apply to our Exchange team by submitting their application via the following email address:


Upon submission of the application, all requests in the following countries will be carefully reviewed and notified to the applicants at a later stage, such as the opening of an independent investment account and the purchase of shares for reservation:


We also inform users in the countries mentioned, as new applications are accepted by our exchange team, activation steps for the possibility of converting stock for them will also be activated on the company's Exchange website.
Therefore, the possibility of converting shares and withdrawals into electronic currencies (Bitcoin, PM and etc) for all users in these areas will be activated in the near future.

We hope that we will appreciate you in the next steps.
Wait for our next news...

Important changes to the Exchange protocol - May-22-2019 09:34:49 AM
Considering the rapid growth of users in different countries, the need to add the number of local exchanger is important now.
Due to the numerous messages received from users in the countries mentioned, new decisions have been made by the management team of our company.
Due to the limitations that exist in some areas, all our team's efforts are to eliminate the restrictions quickly.
Prerequisites of work are provided and with correspondence with local exchanger, users are approved from the local perspective.

All stock exchange options should be provided in such a way that nobody can use them for money laundering. International law in this area as well as local law in New Zealand is subject to these acts.
Also, with the view of the management of the company and consultants, in areas where exclusive exchangers have existed, in the near future the registration of new applicants will begin to co-operate.
As local exchangers start acquiring more, exchanging stocks and converting them will also be easier and this will be a two-way trade.

The requirements for the ongoing Exchange cooperation request are available to all users and interested parties in the coming days.
Users in these areas will benefit from our website exchange facilities and Registration of applicants for co-operation will be in the following countries:


All users in these areas know that we understand their problems and we are trying to fix them. With all the potential in these areas, we are negotiating and consulting the fastest and best actions, so wait for our upcoming news.

The next announcement is on the way...
Best Regards
An enjoyable Spring - Apr-15-2019 07:33:43 AM
From today until the end of May, experience an exciting spring.

Quick start bonus and Special increase of referral commission:
All new solid investments will be included 2% Quick Start Bonus
And all new investments will be honored by 9% referral commission.

Take advantage of this special opportunity

Good luck
Video Presentation - Jan-21-2019 09:45:25 AM
Now you can see our Video Presentation on the main page and download it from the link below:


We hope this video will be useful in better understanding our business activities.

Domain Renewal and Referral Banners - Jan-4-2019 07:20:14 AM
In order to expand our business, our site's domain renewed for another 4 years with the success until 2023.
New referral banners are also available for all users in "Affiliates" section.
Better features and news are on the way.

Happy New Year - Jan-1-2019 08:10:30 AM
Every success requires an effort and a year of hard work proved it once again.
Our united staff was able to overcome many professional challenges and developed
into a very beautiful and effective mechanism.
Hope the next year will be even better.
Happy New Year
Celebrate a brilliant end to the year - Nov-11-2018 09:15:08 AM
vip-deposit.com invites you to celebrate Christmas with a special bonus.
Take advantage of this special offer for the end of the year.

From today until 31th December, The following rewards and bonuses will be established:

- All new solid investments will be included Quick Start Bonus:

2% bonus on Business Plan
3% bonus on Maximum Plan
4% bonus on Exclusive Plan

- Special increase of referral commission:
all new investments include 10% referral commission,

Thank you for doing business with us during this year. We are ready to offer you the best profitable opportunities during 2019.

Take advantage of this special opportunity.
Sincere thanks
Welcome to VIP-Deposit.com! - Oct-22-2018 09:40:11 AM
It is glad to announce that VIP-Deposit.com is open to the public.
After a 500 day testing and review period, the site is now open to the public. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any inquiries.
First trades have been made and everything is running as planned. You might regularly notice some updates, that have no effect on your account. It's all about increasing the websites functionality
We just want to do our best.

Thank you

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